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Rules of Composition: Not just for photographs!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

My friend, Bryon Blankenbecler, aka Mr. B of MooMooMath and Science, and I have been working on using the rules of composition for improving some of his Youtube thumbnails.

Bryon is a retired teacher turned Youtube coach who consistently reviews his Youtube channel to see how his videos are performing and when he sees that a video isn’t doing well, he’ll change the thumbnail or sometimes remake the video to improve it.

We used the flowers and bugs to lead your eye to and frame the word Insects,

Bryon used the rule of thirds to redesign the thumbnail with the animals,

We used the rule of thirds to create the arachnid thumbnail: the spider is using the top two thirds of the image while the word arachnids is in the bottom one third. The web leads your eye towards the word arachnids.

And we used the rule of thirds to rework the parasite thumbnail (aren't the graphics hilarious?)

We've had so much fun working on these thumbnails together and if you have kids in school, check out MooMooMath and Science at His channel is great for answering questions that you or your children may need help with when studying for school.


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