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Editing: Creating an Infrared Look in Photoshop

Infrared film sees a spectrum of light that is invisible to us; where sunlight is hitting your subject, your subject will appear to have a faint, ethereal glow, especially trees and people. Blue sky, however, can turn dark.

I belong to Cobb Photographic Society and our competition this past Monday was on the subject of buildings.

I was on vacation in Daytona, Florida, when the submissions were due, and I didn’t have a recently made architectural shot, so I decided to make an infrared portrait of one of the prettiest condominiums in Daytona called the Ashley.

There was a storm coming when I took this photo so the lighting on the building looked flat and dull, but the blue sky and green palm trees meant it would look great as an infrared.

I brightened the green of the palm trees and the center column of the building, darkened the blue sky, and added a black and white adjustment layer on top. The dark blues and bright greens showed in the black and white tones of the adjustment layer. I then enhanced the highlights and shadows through levels and dodge and burn on the Ashley, giving this portrait of the Ashley an infrared-inspired look.

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