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Fabric and Fringe Warehouse Logo.JPG

(Fabric and Fringe's new website by Variux)
Marla and the staff at Fabric and Fringe Warehouse in Marietta, Georgia are just the best! I love working with them!
Fabric and Fringe wants to show their clients their extensive warehouse, the beauty of their fabrics and decorative trims, and what's possible for their clients to make. Marla wanted the website to be pretty, so Fabric and Fringe hired me to make decorative photographs for the site to show their clients their wonderful staff and beautiful products. They're partnering with Variux to rebuild their website and e-commerce platform, to widen their reach across the U.S.

From Marla:

Melissa came highly recommended, and she did not disappoint. She had a lot of great ideas and was willing to work with me on my ideas. Melissa was always excited about the project and willing to stay as long as necessary to get “the shot”. She goes above and beyond what she is hired to do. Melissa took the time to show me things to help me with my daily activities that has saved me a lot of time. The images she took will make my website and social media posts look professional and she taught me how to make the images I take look more professional. 

Working with Melissa has been a pleasure and I will be using her for future photo shoots.


id8 Agency

id8 has a philanthropic spirit, helping brands grow in various ways. They wanted images for their website that convey their warm company culture and lively creativity, so we captured images of their staff, product packaging they had designed, and behind-the-scenes snapshots of their creative process. id8 also hosts events called Top Floor Businesses where professionals can gather and share ideas. When I'm editing their imagery, I keep the color palette bright and fresh with plenty of white and saturated color to keep within their branding. I love working with this group!

silver and light and healin therapy.JPG

Healing Therapy and Consultation

Rosse is an amazing counselor who wanted her website to contain soft, peaceful, beautiful photographs that denoted healing and tranquility. She knew she wanted her website to be blue, green, white, and black, so I created imagery with that color scheme in mind.

Dresdner Essenz Logo.JPG
silver and light dresdner essenz web.jpg
Wildspark Logo.JPG

Wildspark Reflective Apparel
Wildspark's goal is to keep people safe in dark situations; they needed to show their customers how their amazing shirts look like athletic wear in the daytime, but are highly reflective when hit by light in dark situations. In order to help Wildspark tell their story, I found 3 beautiful urban locations that people would be likely to exercise in, even during dark hours. I conceptualized and handled all the details of these 3 photoshoots and changed the colors of the bicycles, socks, and nail polish the models used in order to match Wildspark's branding. id8 Agency and Variux have been working together to create their new website and ecommerce platform.

My friend Bryon, a teacher of 30 years, has a wonderful, educational youtube channel that people of all ages can go to when they need help with math or science. He wanted images of leaves for his educational video on different types of leaves.