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How Do Images Help Improve a Website? 3 Examples

Updated: Jan 29

Be honest, where did your eyes go first?

If you’re a typical human being, you look at the pictures first.

Google likes to see 4 or 5 custom images per web page for good SEO. Google does not like stock photography, unless it’s customized to your brand.

Below are three examples of the power of photography on a website.

The giant wall of text above is a webpage about the chemistry of toothpaste.

It's an informational page, but the addition of interesting photos would go a long way towards explaining the subject and engaging the reader; for example, a photograph that shows the facility where toothpaste is made, closeups of the ingredients, or someone formulating the toothpaste. If they wanted to be even more creative, they could include a fun image like toothpaste being squeezed out of the tube and lit from below so that the blue kind glows.

The second example, the pea-soup green website shown above, is a great company that’s been in business for years, but it took me a while to figure out what they do. They have one tiny square on the page that flashes photos very quickly, and most of the photos were of things that I couldn’t identify. It turns out that they customize and repair electronic musical equipment, but I had to read the entire page to figure that out. Some closeup, artistic photographs of musical instruments and the equipment that they repair would elevate their site beautifully.

The example above shows id8 Agency’s website; id8 makes a point of including vibrant photos and artwork throughout every page on their site. These photos excite and engage the viewer and show examples of their work. The top photo is of their staff. Psychologically, this is very powerful. This image tells me that these people aren’t afraid to put their faces on the internet and they stand behind their work.

The second photo contains a number of hearts in the imagery; I feel like this reflects the care that id8 feels towards their clients.

Your website is your chance to show the world the values that you believe in, the awesomeness of your staff, the quality of your services, the atmosphere of your facility, and the beauty of your product.

Does your website reflect the level of service and the beauty of the product that you offer?

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