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Adding Emotion to Photographs: Color

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

My older daughter loves to run; she's always beautiful, but she might be her most beautiful self when she's effortlessly running because her form is perfect, she's amazingly fast, and she's happiest when she's running.

I love running, too, as does my husband, but I get tired quickly and am prone to injuries. I have such admiration and awe for the people in my life who push their bodies and their mental toughness to run in cold, heat, up mountains and down beaches.

If you've never run on a beach, it's one of the toughest terrains to run on, in my opinion. It's HOT, even first thing in the morning, and your efforts go largely wasted as your feet shift in the sand. I'm exhausted before I've reached three miles.

I was on the beach one morning photographing the rivulets in the sand because they looked like abstract art to me, when my amazing daughter runs in front of my lens. I wanted the viewer to get an idea of how tough she is by emphasizing the brutality of the heat. I saturated the orange that was already present in the Daytona sand from broken shells, thereby reminding the viewer of a hot desert; but I didn't want to make the message of the photograph to be one of abject misery, so I balanced out the orange with a saturated blue sky. Orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, which makes them complimentary. The resulting image is, to me, a great summary of how vibrant, strong, energetic, and tough my beautiful daughter is.

A photograph of a silhouetted young woman running on an orange beach in Daytona, Florida, against a deep blue sky
young woman running on the beach


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