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Rules of Composition: Adding Emotion to Photographs through Framing

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

One way to be very creative in composing an image is by framing your subject inside another element in the image. You can use architecture, tree branches, windows, tunnels; anything that can isolate your subject or form a frame around it. It's a clever way to call attention to your subject and make it that much more special.

A brother and sister are standing in a field of wildflowers. The brother is handing his sister some daisies.
sweet sibling portrait

In this sweet portrait of a brother handing his sister a bouquet of daisies, the siblings are framed by the giant oak tree in the background and wildflowers in the foreground. The pair are also positioned on the two-thirds line.

A sunrise photograph of a silhouetted heron framed by pier pilings
Heron framed by pier pilings

Senior girl framed by cathedral arches

In this image, my lovely subject is framed by the arches of the breezeway.

Georgian Terrace framed by AT&T Midtown building in Atlanta
Georgian Terrace and AT&T Midtown in Atlanta

This image follows at least 4 compositional rules; Patterns, Leading lines, Rule of thirds, and Framing. The Georgian Terrace is framed by the AT&T Midtown building.

A portrait of a high school senior girl who is standing in front of a blooming, pink Japanese Magnolia tree
Senior girl with Japanese Magnolia tree


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