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Custom Photography: How do you like your greens?

Updated: Apr 11

Have you ever wished you could change your portraits or web images to match more closely with your aesthetic or brand? I'll work with you to create custom images that match your home, office, or website branding! We'll talk about your color scheme, who is in your photographs, and what feeling you want your images to convey. I like a number of different styles of photography and can adapt to represent you.

Above: When I took my friend Ashley's pictures in November, she wanted a fall color scheme, so I targeted the yellowish tones of green and manipulated them into a rich, autumnal orange color to give the images a fall feeling.

Below: The original scene

Below: When I edited Hunter's senior portraits last summer, I gave her multiple versions of her image, some with more desaturated greens, just in case she wanted a softer, more monochromatic look.

I personally love bright, saturated green, but what matters is the overall feeling an image has and whether it looks good on your walls or your social media. Let's talk today and we'll make those greens tasty!

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