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Show your clients the level of service and the beauty of the product that you offer. Your website is one of the first impressions you make on your clients. Melissa takes into account your website, your branding, and your message, and creates images that elevate your site

to attract the clients you want to work with most.




Wildspark Logo.JPG

Wildspark Reflective Apparel
After I created these images, Wildspark decided that outdoor sports was not the market they 
were going after so these images were never used, but it was a lot of fun creating these! My models were terrific and with their help I was able to pull three shoots together in one week. The idea was to show the shirts in both daylight and dark urban situations, to show their reflectivity. I thought the shirts were amazing!

Fabric and Fringe Warehouse Logo.JPG

*Fabric and Fringe's new website is under construction
I loved working alongside all of the great staff at Fabric and Fringe Warehouse in Marietta, Georgia. Marla is just the best! They have the most beautiful array of fabrics and decorative trims. They're partnering with Vaiux to rebuild their website and e-commerce platform, so they hired me to make decorative photographs for the site.

I provided images of leaves for a video and help with designing thumbnails for youtube channel