Step 1 - Free Consultation

We'll discuss the location to be photographed, what images you would like, what you want your images to say about you, and the mood, clothing, and colors present. I will scout the location ahead of time to determine what kind of lighting we will be working with. 

Step 2 - Photo Shoot

 It is important for your group to communicate with each other to coordinate both the style and color of clothing worn for the shoot. The colors should look appealing with the background you have chosen and evoke the mood you want in your images. 

Step 3 - Pre-processing

After the photo shoot I will sort through the images, selecting the best candidates for your project and apply some light edits to correct color and composition. This light editing gives you a better idea of how the final image will appear.

Step 4 - Review and Selection

You will be able to see proofs of your images after pre-processing and I will work with you to select the images which will work best for your project. Once we finalize the list of pictures, I will complete the retouching process. 

Step 5 - Editing

My editing process includes touching up facial blemishes, whitening teeth and eyes, adjusting color balance, removing visual clutter, straightening sight lines and orientation, and matching product colors.  The final image is produced in the highest available quality to allow reproduction as desired.

Step 6 - Final pictures

You will receive both a set of 4x6 prints and a thumb drive containing the retouched digital images you have selected. You will given a royalty-free non-transferable license to the pictures for your unlimited use, excluding reproduction for sale. I also offer to print your images for you at a professional lab at cost.



Basic Portrait Package:

The deposit includes a free consultation, scouting locations, gathering equipment and props, and editing proofs. The deposit is due before the day of the shoot and goes toward the cost of the package.

Deposit: $250

The Basic Package includes:

3 retouched digital images of your choice

A thumb drive with your retouched digital images 

 4x6 prints of your chosen retouched images

1 hour shooting

Basic Package Total $475

Each additional retouched image is $50

Each additional hour of shooting is $50 



Basic Package Includes:

Free Consultation

Simple white background with minimal retouching for website product shots:

$25 per image

Creative Package:

$25 per hour for driving and scouting 

$25 per hour for gathering equipment and props, setting up the shoot

A deposit of $300 is due before the day of the shoot and goes towards the package cost.

 Each retouched image $50


See an image you like in the Art / Nature gallery, but it's not in the right color scheme for your uses? Let me know what you would like and we'll work together to customize your image to your needs. We could even create something completely new for you!